a cookbook by souad sharabani

In this passionate celebration of food and place, Souad’s recipes capture the simplicity and flavour of fresh wholesome ingredients; her compelling stories, the power of love and generosity to transform even the humblest meal into an unforgettable one.

Souad’s personal journey has taken her to far-flung corners of the planet. Here, she brings together her fascinating experiences—always associated with a memorable meal—in a series of funny, eclectic and poignant stories to accompany her appetizing, no-fuss recipes. Recreating the tastes of past meals through her sense of scent and remembrance, Souad shows us that food really does connect us all.

You’ll find over 100 recipes rooted in Iraqi, Israeli, Malawian, Indian and Peruvian cuisines, among others—old favourites as well as refreshing new tastes. Souad demonstrates too how vegetables can be the meal centrepiece. Mouth-watering, aromatic, healthy and simple to prepare, the dishes are easy on any cook’s time and budget—each feeds at least four for less than $10. These are recipes you’ll return to again and again, to prepare, to savour, to share.

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